I completely agree with you on this one. I was in a similar situation a few years back, driving down the highway in a ford focus, I was going a bit over the limit, and i came up to a big group of bikers going at a liesurely pace, so i passed them with care, signalled, pulled out with no oncoming traffic, but lo and… » 8/30/13 3:02am 8/30/13 3:02am

no. you he was merging in at a slow speed and started to speed up, and seeing yellow cautionary lights ahead, i wouldnt accellerate to the speed he got up to, especially when seeing other vehicles slowing and braking. he handled it badly, and im doubting the insurance sees it any differently » 3/10/13 10:24am 3/10/13 10:24am

the sound in the videos is no impact, its the sound of an object entering the atmosphere at well above the speed of sound, and the subsequent breaking down and burning rocks making their own sonic booms as well, as there were many smaller booms after the inital loud boom » 2/15/13 8:08am 2/15/13 8:08am